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July 16, 2018

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Training with a Trainer: My Week of Workouts

October 23, 2017

Ever wonder what a trainer's workout schedule looks like?  It can be hard to be consistent when you spend your day working through prime gym-going hours, but even the busiest women have #NoExcuses! 


Here's a look at my week of workouts.

Full body HIIT: My first workout of the week is usually a full-body cardio and strength training fusion to get my heart rate up while still lifting heavy.  


Cycling: At night, I teach a cycling class, which means that I end my day with a good old metabolism rev.



Upper body strength: I like to get my upper body strength work done on Tuesdays because I squeeze it in right before I teach a cycling class and would have no time to recover my legs before getting on the bike if I did anything else.  Strategic workout planning is a huge part of making exercise fit into your schedule!


Cycling: I teach a 9:30 AM class on Tuesdays, which is my last workout of the day.  This gives me time to recover all day and night.



Lower body HIIT circuit training: I train legs on Wednesdays because it is my only day off of the bike, and I have more time than usual to stay at the gym.  I incorporate HIIT into my leg day because it is so easy to get your heart rate up with the heavy weights required for lower body work, and I love to tire my muscles out with heavy lifting before going into body weight cardio bursts.  I am always drenched after my Wednesday leg workouts!


Upper body strength: Wednesday afternoons, I go back to the gym for a short upper-body workout to compliment the lower body work I did in the morning.



Cycling: I start my day with a cycling class, which gets my metabolism revving.  I'm always hungry afterwards, so I make sure to re-fuel with my overnight oats.


Full body HIIT: Since Thursdays tend to be crazy for me, I do a full body workout so that I don't spend too much time on one muscle group.  I love my cardio intervals, so I throw them in there, too, but not as many as other days because I am already inundated with cardio.


Cycling: Thursdays wrap up with another cycling class!  If I've done too much leg work during my mid-day workout, I definitely feel it on the bike at night.  I always carb up before this class so that I'm energized and my muscles can give it their all!



Cycling: You guessed it, another cycling class.  Nothing like waking up with some intense cardio!


Cycling: My Fridays include back-to-back cycling classes, which means that I've burned over 1,000 calories before 11AM.  After my second class (and an intense Thursday), I'm shot, so after work, I head home, re-fuel and relax!


Full body strength challenge:  On Friday afternoons, if I have eaten enough carbs and feel up for it, I'll hit the gym for a quick "challenge workout," which is a short but effective strength training session.  I use these workouts to compare my week-to-week strength, form and endurance.  These results help me write my upcoming workouts.



Cycling: Another morning cardio session! Can you tell why I love my oats? I always need them to help me carb-up!


Full body strength training: After 24 hours of intense cardio, I use Saturday for basic movement patterns and pure strength training without HIIT intervals.



Occasionally I will join my Sunday Team Training group for their workout (we call that Fit With Gab), but most often, Sunday is my rest day.  If I don't take Sunday off, I can definitely feel it come Monday morning!  As much as I hate to sit still, it's really important to recover in order to avoid injury and burnout.


I burn 6,000+ calories in a typical week (and even more if I'm running), and I manage to fit in my own workouts no matter how busy or tired I am.


Inspired?  What are you waiting for?  Get moving!


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